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🤖 All the single (cell) ladies!

Postdoc position in machine learning for analysis of large-scale, high-dimensional biological data

The project: Single-cell sequencing methods are providing unprecedented insights into biology...but dealing with the massive amounts of complex data that they generate is a massive challenge! In collaboration with Johan Henriksson's group in the Department of Molecular Biology and Tommy Löfstedt's group in the Department of Computing Science, we're developing novel computational methods, which can make sense of all this data!

Required educational background: a PhD degree (or a foreign degree that is deemed equivalent) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Bioinformatics, or a related subject of relevance for the project.

Required programming skills: Familiarity with one or more programming languages suited for the project (e.g., Rust, Python).

Application: Click here to apply! 🤗